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This tube is your one stop shop to ward off stank. Butters & waxes are blended with our signature herbal infused jojoba oil to treat your pits with love & affection & long lasting protection.

The Fighters
A melting pot of Beeswax, Arrowroot and Bentonite Clay work to soak up bacteria and seal the skin. Essential oils of Tea-tree and Lemongrass also help to ward off baddies while adding a light, zingy scent.

The Soothers
Herbal infused Jojoba, Coconut and Shea Butters work hard to moisturise and hydrate the skin on both a surface level and deeper.

Best Use;
It's a good idea to rub in and let sit for a minute or two after application to avoid transfer to t-shirts. If it's chilly this little guy can be a bit hard, just hold under your pits for a few seconds to warm up, then swipe away! Also excellent for soothing post-shave.

Cocos nucifera (Coconut Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Pure Beeswax, Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot), Bentonite Clay, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba - Lavender, Calendula, Burdock), Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver), Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea-Trea), Cymbopogon flexuosus (Lemongrass).

Our products are made to calm & soothe but we understand that everybody reacts differently to skincare so we recommend patch testing before use.

Free from Aluminium & Bi-Carb for those extra sensitive pits. Also not tested on animals! (Except us). Store in cool dry place.